About Us

Our Visions:

➀ To honor God in all we do.

➁ Value and recognize smart productive work and self development.

➂ Pursue excellence in innovative solution, right first time.

➃ Ensure positive outcomes for all stake holders.

➄ Create a company whose customers thrive through the use of our technologies and where our children aspire to work.

About Cable Ways Ltd:

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Cable Ways Ltd started production in 1984 and its designs have stood the test of time. From humble beginnings with a few patch and cabling products to meet local demand, we have distributed thousands of precision products widely in Asia, Europe and the Pacific.

An icon brand in the telecommunications and data network markets, Cable Ways has expanded to supply solutions to the security, healthcare and entertainment industries. Whether it is the life-saving applications housed in Ambulances designed by our CEP Division or our comprehensive lifestyle portfolio with Audio Visual bracketing and safety solutions from ONEMOUNT, we can design products to meet your commission.

Operating in a purpose conditioned factory, we have the flexibility to schedule your large production run through to a customised one-off design. Having implemented Kaizen and continuing with TOC (Theory of Constraints) methodologies, we strive to reduce any impediment in our business and share the benefits, in the form of robust products at affordable costs.

With over 10,000 operational years, of real world outside cabinet usage, our world-leading EXTREME SOLUTION have continued to operate in intense conditions of sand and sun in the Saudi desert, becoming a testament to our ability to listen to your requirements and deliver a time proven solution.

With a growing trend towards the reduction of carbon emissions, we have been working hard on developing energy efficient cooling solutions and the innovations of our CCSL Division will help you realise significant long-term savings as we reduce your power consumption.

With an exciting future rising above the horizon, we are tooling ourselves up for a time of growth and harvest. Cable Ways goal is to deliver quality, innovative and cost effective solutions which meet the changing needs and standards of today’s market, delivered in full, on time, to specification and within budget.

We look forward to meeting your needs and being of service to you.

David S. Hobday

About Light*Well International:

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➥ Light*well International is a member of Cable Ways Ltd.

➥ It is an Innovative Solution Company. It has > 30 year experience

➥ It has distributed thousands of precision products widely in Asia,Europe and the Pacific. An icon brand in the    telecommunications and data network markets.

➥ It has expanded to supply solutions to the security, healthcare and entertainment industries.

Our Partners:


We are partnering with PT Adyawinsa Electrical and Power in Indonesia, a manufacturer of solar panels based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have managed several renewable energy projects to provide electricity for remote rural communities in Indonesia.


SMK Prakarya International in Indonesia as a vocational school will be a partner of Lightwell International in technical aspects such as site assessment, data entry and assembling and installation of lightwell in field and trouble shootings during operation and maintenance.


1. On its way now

On July 22, 3 LightWell village were shipped to Indonesia.

2. Prototype developed
proof of concept1

The proof of concept design has been developed in New Zealand and is presently functioning and in use. It filters the rainwater with the capacity of 3600 liters/day.

3. NZAid Programme
new zealand aid programme logo 1

On 25 May 2015, Head of Mission Found (HOMF) Indonesia through NZAid programme has granted to Kadin training centre (KTC) as Lightwell international’s partner to implement the project named Green Skill Training of Lightwell.

4. Lightwell in Waitakere

On 22 April 2015, the Ambassador of Indonesia, Mr. Jose Antonio Tavares and his wife, visited lightwell in Waitakere. He said, “- …..wow…Light*WELL Innovation overwhelmed us…The product addresses exactly what people in remote communities needs. Quality water, use of solar light will definitely speed up our development. In addition, the long term aim to building partnership with local shows how New Zealand businesses offers genuine interest for a sustainable business relationship. We are interested to have one in our village too. I will introduce Light*WELL to our government and non-government networks, and wishing all the best for Light*WELL….”.

Our Customers:

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  • sharp
  • church
  • canon
  • Counties_Manukau
  • Mcdonalds
  • z_energy
  • rangitoto_college
  • selwyn
  • 2degrees
  • hoyts
  • BNZ
  • airNZ
  • vodafone
  • spark
  • nokia
  • westpac
  • downer
  • eltek valere
  • IBM
  • srilankan
  • alcatel
  • ANZ
  • enatel
  • Krone ADC

Want to know more about LIGHT*WELL?

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