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Light*Well UrbanLife

Roof mounted safe water system. Up to 7200 litres/day capacity Supplied from an existing elevated tank. Applicable for office, industries, factories, small hotels, group dwellings, kitchens, etc…

LightWell uses low pressure dead-end bio active ultrafiltration, to filter to 40nm, and treat polluted non-saline and non-heavy metal contained water.

Daily single filter water production varies between 1200 and 3600 litres, subject to source water contamination levels. 240 < 1440 people served per installation.

Low production costs from 7 to 20L per 1 US$ cent, compared to mineral water of 20L per 100 US$ cents.


To convert wasted time and energy of remote communities into valued life outcomes.

Transformational Solutions 

They are contributed to UN millenium development goals to end poverty.

Better community health and reduction in mortality through safe water.
Individual learning opportunities through solar lighting at home and school.
Promoting the low carbon, green growth economy
Provide a platform for individual green skill development.
Social and economic community empowerment through reduction in energy poverty using renewable resources.


It started in 2013 when David Hobday as a Managing Director of
Cable Ways visited Indonesia in trade trip. He realised that
the huge needs in water and light for marginalised remote
communities and asked what he can do to help the
situations. From this thought and a year
research, Light*Well was conceived.


Lack of safe water

1.8 million people die every year from diarrhoeal diseases (including cholera); 90% are children
under 5, mostly in developing countries.
Source: WHO, 2015

Limited access to electricity

1.3 billion or almost 20% of the world’s population has no access to electricity which impacts on their education and economic growth.
Source: World Energy Outlook, 2015

Low economic development

Young people under 24, accounted for nearly 13% of the world unemployment (approximately 202millions in 2013).
Source: International Labour Organization, 2015


Light*Well as a unique green technology designed to provide safe
water, affordable light and power for remote communities.

Access to safe water

  • It uses low pressure bio active ultra filter (40nm pores) to treat polluted non-saline water with a design life of 10 year.
  • 99.99% pathogen removal (viruses, bacteria & protozoa).
  • Turbidity removal down to 0.1NTU = Total suspended solid nearly absent.
  • Solar panels provides continuous and automated operation and system maintenance providing 24 hours safe water.
  • Scalable filtered capacity from 1200 to 14400 litres /day, subject to raw water source.
  • Water is stored in food grade opaque IBC tanks.

Access to affordable light

  • Solar powered LED lighting, 3@30W for community facilities, operated for 10 hours with a controlled time.
  • Energy is stored in long life sealed batteries, with a design life of 10 years.
  • Options: Distributed lights to community either through charged lanterns or cables.
  • Easy access to 20 position USB charge station for cell phones and tablets.
  • RCBO protected 220V power tool charging strip with a capacity of 500W.

Economic development

  • Creating partnership with in-country based training organisations.
  • Developing training modules with local institutions including the business, social and technical aspects of implementations.
  • Propagating skill training country wide through vocational training network.
  • Empowering local young graduates to conduct site assessment, manufacturing and installation of lightwell system.

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