About the product:

It is a unique green technology to provide safe water, affordable light and AC power to small communities



Q: How does Light*WELL produce safe water?

Light*WELL uses ultra-filtration membrane (a membrane with 0.04 µm pore). This pore size is smaller than E coli bacteria (size ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 µm), viruses (size ranges from 0.03 to 0.1 µm), or giardia lambdia, waterborn protozo (size ranges from 10 to 20 µm).

Q: What are the sources of water for Light*WELL?

Light*WELL is designed with fresh water input, including water from WELLs, river, spring and rainwater. However, these water sources have different characteristics and therefore, the rate of filtered water can vary.

Q: With different sources of water, can Light*WELL produce safe and clean water?

Yes. Water clarity is measured by turbidity in NTU nephelometric turbidity units. It shows how much the material suspended in water decreases the passage of light through the water. Suspended materials include soil particles (clay, silt, and sand), algae, plankton, microbes, and other substances. These materials are typically in the size range of 0.04mm (40 µm) - clay to 1.00 mm (1000 µm)- sand. Our ultrafiltration system can reduce turbidity to 0.1 NTU – which means that suspended materials are nearly absent. Importantly, the system exceeds the WHO standards that require drinking water to have maximum 5 NTU.

Q: If Light*WELL produces safe water, why do you offer carbon filtration?

Carbon filtering is a method of filtration using activated carbon to remove contaminants using chemical absorption. Other companies use carbon filtration, to purify water, with the need to regularly replace the carbon filter. In our case, as we stress safe water with no consumables, Light*WELL physically filters out bio matter from the water first, and provides carbon filtration as an option, for taste only and odour removal. In our case, carbon filtration function is not the primary water filter.

Q: If Light*WELL produce safe water, why do you offer UV treatment?

Light*Well removes 99.99% of pathogens eg. fungi, bacteria and viruses. However for medical applications where 100% sterile water is required, the short UV wavelengths destroy the DNA function of any remaining pathogens, making them unable to reproduce. The UV treatment ensures completely sterile water.

Q: What is the capacity of Light*WELL?

Light*Well capacity ranges, depends on the production selection, based on the customer’s site needs. It ranges from minimum 1200 litres per day to 4800 litres per day. See our product selection to define your suitable option.

Q: What is the life time of Light*WELL water filtration?

The water ultra filtration system can live up to 10 years.

Q: What is a life time of the transfer pumps?

30.000 hours – if we assume that the pump works continuously for 10 hours per day, the pump life time exceeds 10 years.

Q: How does Light*WELL operate and maintain the quality of output, considering that minimum maintenance is required?

Light*WELL water is operated by involving three tanks, the top tank stores collected raw water that can provides enough pressure for water to flow by gravity to the filter system. The bottom tank receives and stores treated water, the middle tank stores additional 1000litres of treated water for immediate access and delivery. Light*WELL uses IBC food grade tanks with non transparent-white opaque colour, to ensure safe water delivery.
Light*WELL is designed in a modular format and build to accommodate growing need. This means that the choice of Light*Well is based on the future needs. They can expand it when the finance situation permits. For example, the basic Light*Well produces minimum 1200 liters of water per day, and additional filters can extend the amount of filtered water produced to a minimum 3600 liters of water per day.



Q: How do Light*WELL produce pure light?

Solar panels charge high tech military quality, long-life batteries using intelligent controllers to give a 10 year system life.

Q: What is lighting capacity of Light*WELL? & How many dwelling can it supplies?

The lighting capacity depends on the product selection. Our product lighting selections range from site, public/community hall lighting, distributed to various size village (10 houses to 100 houses), and a combinations of the above. The selection defines the number of PV panels installed. Our control system can define how solar lights are shared in the community. Light*WELL design consider public places to have 12 hours lighting operation, while housing/private places have 5 hours operation from dusk, controlled and programmable.

Q: What is the type of light used and the power of light produced by Light*WELL?

Light*WELL uses LED lights, which are safe and efficient. They have a design life of 50,000 hours, which is equal to 27 years of daily use. The lighting for hall / public areas uses 3 units @30 Watt, and the lighting for houses consist of 2 units, @5.3W.

Q: What happened if the light bulb died?

Lights are designed for exchange replacement and easily disconnected and changed.
Light*WELL is designed in a modular format and built to accommodate growing needs. This means that with any initial choice of Light*Well, there is an opportunity expand its services as required. For example: the basic Light*Well only provides lights for a community hall. When the community needs more power, upgrade kits allow incremental expansion.


In an expanded configurations, the PV panels will produce enough energy for lighting and 110/230V AC power. This AC power can be used for variety of charging needs eg. lamps, phones and power tools. At the higher capacities, the AC power options can power schools and remote medical clinics. The product is designed in modular way, in which lighting and power capacities maybe expanded to meet increasing demand.



Q: Do you make any customised design?

Most options are available, but some are mutually exclusive, so please make a sequential selection and our engineers will assist you in optimisation.

Q: How can you guarantee quality of Light*WELL product and installation in other country similar to your products and installations in New Zealand product?

We have quality assurance system in place, including establishing long term relationship with our assembly partner and installation contractor. The water filter and integration system comply to international standards and the company has established for more than 28 years. We are also in the process to establish foreign representative office, to ensure that you obtain guarantee products and service of Light*WELL.
Yes, we are establishing Indonesia representative office and contract installer. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your concern.



Q: How much is a unit cost?

Please see our price list with benefit costs analysis. We are more than happy to talk to you to discuss right solution for you.

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